Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dark Eldar Progress

So over this week I have put together the following:

20 Kabolite Warriors
20 Wytches
5 New Incubi
6 Old Incubi
1 Homoculous
1 Archon

I've also got some scourges that I have semi-put together, but until I hace made a decision regarding their weapon load outs, I'm leaving them that way.

So on Sunday/Monday I got all of the models together, and all of the old models stripped. I meant to play some 40K with Don (or watch really) on tuesday, but I was so beat after work I couldn't quite get myself to go drive 30 minutes down the road.

So instead I put together a Raider on tuesday and then did the basing on all of the above models.

Last night I did the base coating with Games Workshop Chaos Black spray paint.

I doupt I get any work done tonight, as my wife has this night off from studying. However, I might be able to get her to help me work on my base color, which I will be applying with my airbrush over the next week.

I tried at first something with Hormagaunt purple, but just didn't like it. I think Warlock purple should have just been called pink. The last purple, a nice dark one, I think I will use as part of my base, with a mixed chaos black in to give it a deeper shade. I am using a random Eldar Guardian that I have as my test model.


  1. You up for a Sunday game?
    I think Neil coming over for a game.

    How much was your airbrush?

  2. Yea, sunday could be good. What time and where?

    Hmmm, I got it as a present but I think around $150 and I got an air compressor as well... and I don't know the cost on it.