Thursday, December 17, 2009

First Hab Block

The outline for the first Hab Block was cut last night, as well as the support structures. I'm fairly pleased with them and Rachel was already able to identify what it was going to be. I did this while A.I. was on TV last night, hwat a wierd little movie, and I love Science Fiction.

At any rate, I need to duplicate what I did last night three more times to prep for throwing up the ruined buildings for the apocolpyse game.

I've decided to add some support around the sides, to give it some definition. I'm trying to decide now between adding wire mesh in the windows, or bits of broken glass (plastic). I also plan on making some large red flags with the Aquila on it as well that drapes from one of the central windows.

I had been planning on doing some walkways between the buildings, but have changed my mind on it. I think the tall frame with the windows looks quite nice, and I don't want to go ruining it now because of a desire to link them together. All I have to say is taht you had better have some jump troops if you plan on getting to anyone on the higher levels, that is for sure.

Rogers needs to cut my bases before I can mount them, but I have plenty of work before I will get to that stage to be honest with you.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So I won the tournament with my Tau. Don Brown came pretty damn close in a game between he and I of overthrowing me though. Go Tau!

At any rate, I picked up about 12 more hounds so that I should be able to field them consistiently now, instead of kroot warriors making up the rest of my force. There are based and assembled, but that's about it.

My marines, paint wise, are still exciting me, even if rules wise are driving me crazy. Odd to say, but I feel that marines really aren't that good. Sounds like heresy to say, but there it is. I'm working on a squad of assault terminators and the two old school rogue trader dreadnoughts I have at the moment.

Setting up my law office has definitely cut into my paint time, but I am going to try and get more hardcore about painting a bit every night. The hard part right now is that normally I paint to build a list, but at the moment, I'm just painting my marines because I like the models.

On another note, the apocolpyse game is now confirmed for up here on the 23rd of January. I am going to try and build some terrain and hopefully get my old stuff up from Hattiesburg.

Recently there have not been many photos here, and there is an excellent reason why. The computer I regularly post on is now at my office, and my wife's laptop is at home. Now I will probably start posing pictures as the models are finished, that way I have a good beginning to end shots.

And I don't have as much time to paint :-(

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well tomorrow we have a tournament locally. I will be bringing my Tau. Some time next week I will post my army and also the battle reports for each game.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Well I have been working on my marines, but nothing finished painted. My recent losses have forced me to reasses what I plan on doing with them. I think the problem is that the way that I want to play them is just not supported in the new edition. I'm not going to give up, but considering the tournament is this weekend, and the army that is painted is NOT ready to field... I have no choice.

Time for my Tau.

Now I have played some games with my Tau in 5th, and found a few things effective. I hear a lot of moaning in groaning and it's true that a few units took a hit, but overall I'm not sure what is so bad. I'm going to playtest some on wednesday and see how it goes. I'm running a fairly basic list that I'm about to post on wednesday and then make changes for friday. I do need to paint a few things up by the weekend... although I don't know where I fill find the time!

I haven't reached a conclusion about it but it has a lot of guts. It is a little paper thin IMHO, but I think it does successfully take advantage of the metagame (lots of vehicles). I think that it could fail against an army with large amounts of indirect, but I simply do not thing those armies are fielded in enough numbers to matter (besides Andy).

I'll be play testing tomorrow night.