Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WAR Gamescon (BoLScon) - T-Minus 30 Days

I'll be doing a daily update for the next thirty days as we close in on WAR Games Con, which I will be attending, along with, I am sure, many of you.

Let's talk about the rules for this 40K tournament a bit, as they are a little different from others of their type, and doing well at any tournament is easy.
READ THE MISSION. In this of course, we do not know the missions, but you do have the rules set with you for the tournament.


The last few Grand Tournaments that I have been to have had a check-list style painting guidelines. For those that followed it, it was a easy way to rack up 35-45 points or so. Model Based (point), Base Highlighted (point), extrub gubbins on base (check). As someone who generally takes about a year to paint an army (Damn You TO Hell Goatboay! You fast painter! From hell's heart I curse at you!) I was able to pick up some bonus points. This time, you get 20 points if your entire army is painted to a complete tournament standard, and no more then 5 more bonus points for characters and extra stuff on the models. I hope to max that out, but that means that there is much less of a gab from those of us with triple highlights, shading, handpainting then anyone else. What does this mean for most people? It means it's not about the painting this year, folks. I have to say I like this. First I
hate playing against unpainted non WYSIWYG armies. If I wanted to play with stuff like that we could all buy little army men and use rules for them. I do not approve of tournaments that have no points for painting at all, it just encourages people to purchase grey plastic, and slap it together (I'm looking at you 'ardboyz). Wargames requires you to have your stuff painted, but is not a painting competition. It has a painting competition, and if you are that great, enter your stuff there (I will, but I doubt I win jack)


Wargames Con has gone to a simple, yet elegant system for their sportsmanship that seems to take from some comments from the guys at Dice Like Thunder. The idea is that it's your job not to be "that guy". You get 6 points each round for having a normal game with someone. If someone tries to push models/cheat/lie/steal then you can rate them low, but risk a judge coming to ask what happened. If you do the opposite and rate them really high, you again get a judge coming over. No one wants to get hassled by a judge, so I really anticipate people getting mostly sixed, and only really spectacular games getting an 8. I can honestly say that I have only played one person in all my years of tournament play that I would rate in sportsmanship. What does this mean? It means, it's also not about sportsmanship.


Compared to the way that games are run in other countries, the United States must seem the land of Little Bunny Fufu kicking the field mice. Wargames has no composition as other groups understand it. You think some combination is rough? Bring it and put it on the table. Now, they do require that you submit your army to make sure they are legal (by the 15th of July now, so they are not due today). Again, what does this mean (and say it with me) It's Not About Composition.

Battle Points

Most of your points are going to come from Battle Points, I think it is around 75% of the total points actually, and of those remaining 25% most of those are gimme points (20 painting, 42 points of Sports and 10 for getting your list in on time). At most we are talking about a 5% sway in a person that gets average, and one that gets maximum of all painting and all sportsmanship. Actually, the difference is exactly 19 points total, that's not that much, and I would be shocked if more then one person got a perfect sportsmanship score. It's standard tournament format, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary with bonus points for certain tasks.

So what does this mean? It means it's all about the Battle Points, folks.

Now, then, I'll talk about how to prep for these games tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What the DH/WH Change meant to Me

So I get back from trial to find all the comments today about the changes to DH/WH, which even my guard friend said, 'thank god' too.

So we have 7 days and counting before your BoLS list has to be submitted. It's do or die time, no more changes, no more modifications. I had a brief attack of "take TAU! yesterday, but I managed to beat that down. I am still taking my less then EpIcCoMpEtIvE L33t ArMy to the tournament. I am making some slight changes and playtesting a bit more over the weekend, but it's 90% there (and 90% painted or so).

The question really is, do I want to throw in some more deepstrikers in the form of drop pods into the list? I'm not sure that the change is sufficient to really shift any type of balance to require me to change the list that significantly. I would love to have a drop pod come in later into the game, but I'm not sure I'm interested in dropping marine on turn 1 into someone's face to watch them die. If I am going to get 1 drop pod I want 2 (or 3).

In other news I have sadly, with much gnashing of teeth and crying added razorbacks to the list. I'm not fond of them from a background perspective, and I wish that the 10 marine squad was better then it is, but let's face it, it's not that great.

I'm working on another battle report from this weekend against blood angels to post up here, but it's not ready quite yet.

Are you making any changes to your tournament list because of the WH/DH change?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Winning by Losing

Let's talk a little about losing. You know that feeling (and don't give me that stupid record at the bottom of your forum post that says your 50-1, we all know that's BS).

There is no one out there that hasn't lost, and if you haven't lost a decent amount in the past, your friends need to step up.

Now, saying that, when normally playing a game, I prefer to lose.

Sounds crazy, but it's true. When I win I walk away with a smile, knowing that my worldview is correct, I am the greatest! When I lose, everything is falling apart, my list is awful, it must be reworked, it must be changed, I must play with weapon options, uses, troll the internet to find new uses for units etc...

Basically losing makes me dive deeper into the hobby then winning does. When I win, I shrug and go back to painting, when I lose I take a hard look at my list and my tactics and try to understand why I lost, what I did wrong, and how I can fix it.

You just learn more my losing then you do by winning.

When you lose your game next time, talk to your opponent about it, find out two things. First, what could you have done differently to win the game. Did you set up wrong, deploy wrong, not use an ability (forget an ability). It may be that one single dice roll (or bad luck) is what killed your game, but generally I find that luck in 40K tends to average out. Last Wednesday I failed about 1/2 of my armor saves for my marines all game, but but my opponent hit my rhino one round with three Railguns and rolled 3 "1"s to penetrate.

Blame your dice last, blame yourself first. Responsibility for losing game rests on us.

If you come to the conclusion that there is nothing you could have done to win the game, then take a hard look at your list. Don't change things in your list radically each week if you can help it. Skill with a list is partially the list (if you take 33 vespid, not even God can save you) but once you have a good solid tournament ready list, learning how to play it in a myriad of circumstances is what helps you win games. Concerned against one of those Net lists? Get a friend to proxy it and play 10 games against it. You still may lose to it, but will know your best changes, and where the list is weak. Do the same for a null deployment 'Nid army, wolf cavalry (Goatboy style) list, or anything you believe you will have problems with.

I have been prepping for BoLScon for about six months now. I've been struggling with my marines, week after week and month after month. I've finally gotten to the point where I consider myself 'competent' with them. I'm playing as many games as I can these days with them with the same 'core' of the army. I'm now winning more finally, but actually feel that I am learning less, and it's sad a little.

So enjoy your losses my friends, because you can take away more that makes you a better player and tactician from that then you ever can from a game where you simply table your opponent.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2100 Pt Tournament – Round 2

I meant to have this post out yesterday but thanks to some helpful feedback from the last battle report I decided to add some visual aids. I hope you enjoy this as it was a complete pain to put together! I hope the video battle reports are easier.

My second game was against a mech blood angels player that I had seen earlier and hoped to fight. In addition to having a great looking army he also is preparing to attend BoLScon and therefore had an eye toward tournament play as well. A really nice guy, I have to say that the game was excellent, and enjoyable throughout the experience. Makes me wish I lived a little closer to the coast and Jaks so I could get down there more often.

At any rate, my complete list is restated in the previous post, but here is a broken down version of it, as I use the squad names throughout. I have posted a picture after that of the units as they will appear in the Battle Report pictures.


Chapter Master Gabriel Martel (Counts as Pedro Kantor)

Elite: Terminator Squad (10#, 480 pts) (The First)

Elite: Dreadnought (1#, 115 pts) (Brother Dreadnought Exetur)

Elite: Dreadnought (1#, 115 pts)(Brother Dreadnought Hamiel)

Troops: Tactical Squad (11#, 225 pts) (Squad Maltheas) Rhino

Troops: Tactical Squad (11#, 235 pts) (Squad Josiah) Rhino

Troops: Scout Squad (5#, 115 pts) (Squad Morveng)

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Storm (1#, 60 pts) (Landspeeder Morveng)

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron (1#, 70 pts) (LS 01)

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron (1#, 70 pts) (LS 02)

Heavy Support: Predator (1#, 120 pts) (Battle Tank Nefarium)

Heavy Support: Predator (1#, 120 pts) (Battle Tank Exeat)

Heavy Support: Thunderfire Cannon (1#, 100 pts) (Techmarine Faitor)

HQ: Space Marine Librarian (1#, 100 pts) (Codicier Raziel, The Repentant)

Total Roster Cost: 2100

Blood Angels


Blood Angels Chaplain

Furioso Dread with Blood Talons in a Drop Pod

Furioso Librarian in a Drop Pod

Dreadnought w/Multimelta in a Drop Pod

6x Assault Squads w/Powerfist, Meltagun in Razorbacks with Twin-linked Heavy Bolters and Hunter Killer missiles

2 Baal Predators with Twin Linked Assault Cannons and Heavy Bolters.

(I realized I left the Baal's off the picture to the left, but they are in the battle report)



As mentioned in the earlier post, all the of the missions at the tournament were substantially the same. Six objectives were placed (after deployment) and six enemy units nominated (after deployment). Each objective captured/destroyed counted as one Battle Point, everything else was useless. The only thing that was different mission to mission was the set up, this was the Spearhead Deployment.

I lost the roll for initiative, which seems to have happened in both the games at the tournament now that I write this up, c'est le vie. My opponent made what I think at this point was the pivotal decision for this game, and certainly is in many of them. He choose his deployment not on what he thought would be the most advantageous to him, but what would be the worst for me. I was given the corner with a hill that provided 5+ terrain, and prevented from using my Bolster Defenses from my Tunderfire cannon. I thought it was a great choice on his part. He then deployed his army as shown below. The objectives were also placed. Baals forward and six razorbacks behind that.

At this point, it occurred to me that I was going to really take it in the face on round one, eating two dreadnoughts from drop pods and fire from his entire army. Now, I see a lot of this suggestion online, and what I did here, I strongly advise caution on. Some people and/or armies are excellent at it, Fritz from Way of Saim Hain for instance talks extensively about it, the Null Deployment. I don't believe that normal marines, unless they have been made for it, are exceptionally good at it, as too much of their things mor or shoot, not both. But in this situation, facing this, I thought it was the best option out of a handful of bad choices, it also would allow me to get easy side shots against some of the blood angels vehicles. Having played a regular opponent often with blood angels I know that 12 inch movement on the Baals will allow them to face their 13 armor at me every turn. So I didn't deploy and placed all of my army into normal reserves except the Squad Morveng and their Storm, which were in Outflank.

Turn 1

My opponent moves his army and deploys his drop pods as shown below:

After his movement phase, he then announces, pointing at every vehicle possible, that they are firing smoke. I want to take the time and say that in a normal game I would have warned him, not to do this, as none of my models would even start arriving until round 2… but.. this… is… TOURNAMENT!!(couldn't help myself). I see a lot of posts where people talk about helping their opponent in games, reminding them etc… and that is sportsmanship, and I disagree. I'm at a tournament and that means you get my best, not anything less. If you beat me at tournament you know I have done everything and you earned it, no other way. I don't push models, I don't cheat, I don't bend rules, but neither do I feel that is necessary to hand hold my opponents. Thankfully, after I declare I am done at the end of my round one, my opponent laughed (I said he was good natured). He realized he had made a mistake in the game, but also that we were playing a tight match. I can promise you that he will never make that mistake again, and he will be a better player because of it. This is the reason I say I would rather lose then win in most games, I learn more from losing then winning. At any rate, we moved on to his turn 2.

Turn 2 – Blood Angels

His remaining dreadnought failed to come in (Drat!) and he repositioned his Razorbacks around the field, preparing for the storm. Me opponent made another misake here (that he mentioned later in the game) saying that he had forgotten that when I arrived from reserves, I did so along my entire board edge, not just from my deployment area. You can see from set up what he was thinking.

Turn 2 – Angels of Perdition

Blowing up the map some now. Let's do the picture first, then I'll talk.

The following units became available from reserves:

The First (10 terminators with attached Martel and Librarian Raziel), Morveng and Landspeeder storm, Squad Josiah, Predator Nefarium, Techmarine Faitor, Brother Dreadnought Hamiel

Morveng and his squad came in wherever I wanted so I decided to deploy on the right flank. They destroyed the Razorback with Sergeant Morveng's combi-melta then assaulted the marines in cover. They won the combat, then killed the remaining assault marines due to being caught and having to make additional saves. I combat squaded Josiah and the Rhino with five marines and the sergeant drove in on the right flank. In center I brough on Nefarium, The First, Faitor. The fire from them shook one Razorback and obliterated another, but sadly I was just out of assault range with The First and Hamiel.

Turn 3 – Blood Angels

The Blood angels repositioned. In the movement phase Librarian Raziel successfully stopped his Librarian Dreadnought from casting Wings of Sanquiness(sp?). His Drop Pod arrived and his dreadnought came onto the table. During the shooting phase the multi-melta from the dreadnought obliterated Morveng's landspeeder storm in a shower of shrapnel and dead scout pilots. Morveng's squad took fire from several heavy bolters, leaving just the sergeant alive (on the board above you can see the ruins of vehicles, but we forgot about the razorback or I would have been in cover, stupid me. The Librarian Dreadnought cast Bloodlance and rolled double 1st, immobilizing himself, but did succeed in killing a terminator and destroyed the multi-melta on Hamiel. The rest of the fire phase was inconsequential.

Turn 3 – Angels of Perdition

Every other unit that I had in reserve came onto the table this turn (nice rolling Prodigalson!). The rest of Josiah came on and hid behind a building on the left corner to hold the objective for later. Sergeant Josiah moved up and fired the squad meltagun, missing the drop pod. Predator Nefarium didn't move and opened up on the closest razorback, showering it's armor with las-cannons and high caliber rounds, tearing into the tracks and making the heavy bolters so much junk. My two landspeeders came on from off board and succeeded in blowing the weapon off the Librarian dreadnought. Squad Maltheas drove onboard and destroyed the Baal. I actually made a misake on the map above and my other dreadnought Exetur came on to the left of Squad Maltheas, and it and Predator Exeat shook the other Baal. The First and Brother-Dreadnought Hamiel assaulted the remaining assault marines and obliterated them, although the powerfist of the assault marines wrecked Hamiel. After the combat the terminators moved into cover.

Turn 4 – Blood Angels

The Blood Angels assault squad in the immobilized and weapon destroyed razorback disembarked, moved and ran, while the dreadnoght beside them moved and immobilized Josiah's rhino on the eastern flank.

The Librarian Dreadnought fired his Bloodlance, but didn't penetrate the landspeeder. Fire from the razorbacks destroyed Maltheas's Rhino transport, and the explosion killed three marines before they could disembark the flaming wreck.

The rest of the fire did very little. I have played against a few blood angels now, and while I like the heavy bolter razorback, it just doesn't have much firepower. I've been a lot more impressed in playing against the twin-assault cannons.

Turn 4 – Angels of Perdition

On the eastern flank I disembarked with squad Josiah and then immediately missed with their melta-gun, a problem that would plague the squad all day. Morveng ran for cover, hding behind a building so he could move onto the objective later. Predator Nefarium fired on the damaged razorback in front of him, obliterating it with his autocannons and lascannons. Techmarine Fabius fired with his Thundercannon, destroyed a razorback near the terminators and forced the assault marines to disembark. Predator Exeat fired on another razorback, immobilizing it in the backfield with assistance fire from Brother Dreadnought
Exetur. Squad Maltheas fired a missile launcher but did nothing with it. Believing my left flank with the five assault marines was seriously challenged, my terminators fired on the assault marines, killing them all with missile and storm bolter fire.

Turn 5 – Blood Angels

Brother Corbulo disembarked and ran, taking the left most objective, while the chaplain with his squad moved onto another objective and another assault squad ran onto a third. The last Baal fired on my predator to no effect, while his standard dreadnought fired a flamer at Morveng incinerating him instantly. In the center of the board the Furioso Dreadnought charged the terminators, and killed 3 before his attacks and blood talons petered out. The Chain Fists from the terminators (just say the word… Chain Fist… just sounds bad ass) made short work of him, and the terminators moved forward taking the center of the table.

Turn 5 - Angels of Perdition

Josiah and his squad moved behind the dreadnought on the left and missed (again) with his melta-gun (target practice for them at the Fortress Monestary). LS-01 and LS-02 I have failed to mention really. They sat down there and traded fire with the librarian dreadnought all game, never able to destroy it. Squad Maltheas moved up and assaulted the five assault marines, obliterating them as they were within 12 inches of Chapter Master Martel(who had separated out to give the The First and Maltheas both +1 attack each), allowing Maltheas his pleasant five attacks with his power sword. Fire from Predator Nefarium obliterated the razorback and The First obliterated the chaplain and assault marines. On the left Predator Exeat and Brother-Dreadnought Exetur wreacked the last Razorback.

My opponent rolled a dice to see if the game ended and it did on a 2.

End Game

As you can see, it was a pretty tight game. I ended up with two objectives and all of my nominated unit destroyed (His razorbacks), my opponent ended up with 5 of his units destroyed and 1 objective. It was a fun and tactical game. I thought that I did a good job creating some cross fire from across the table, and jamming my terminators down my opponent's throat. I thought that the right flank was taken and back in trouble quite a bit, and was never able to really secure it like I hoped I would. As usual, I was very pleased with the way the army worked, even if this type of game is not what it is built for, you have to learn to use the forces you are given to win.

Monday, June 14, 2010

2100 Tournament – Game 1

Jaks in Biloxi,Mississippi wasn't participating in 'ardboyz round 2, which was fine for me as it seems to have been a bit of a farce this year. At any rate, they held a tournament on the 13th of this month that I participated in. I will be posting the Battle Reports for them throughout the week. I played the following list at the tournament, which is fairly close to what I plan on taking to BoLS Con shortly. I had the privilege to play against two skilled and good natured opponents that I thought both tested me in different ways. I love a tough game. They may read this blog, so I hope they e-mail me, as I would like to post their lists and their names up. I am horrible with names.

Here is the list that I was running

2100 Pts - Space Marines Roster - Angels of Perdition

Grand Master Gabriel Martel (1#, 175 pts)

1 Chapter Master Pedro Kantor @ 175 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Krak Grenades; Iron Halo; Power Armour; Dorn's Arrow; Power Fist; And They Shall Know No Fear; Chapter Tactics; Combat Tactics; Hold the Line; Independent Character; Inspiring Presence; Orbital Bombardment)

Elite: Terminator Squad (10#, 480 pts) (The First)

9 Terminator Squad @ 480 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Power Fist x5; Storm Bolter x9; Chain Fist x4; Cyclone Missile Launcher; Cyclone Missile Launcher; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics)

1 Sergeant (Unit Type: Infantry; Power Sword; Storm Bolter; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics)

Elite: Dreadnought (1#, 115 pts) (Brother Dreadnought Exetur)

1 Dreadnought @ 115 pts (Unit Type: Vehicle (Walker); Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Dreadnought CCW; Storm Bolter; Twin Linked Autocannon)

Elite: Dreadnought (1#, 115 pts)(Brother Dreadnought Hamiel)

1 Dreadnought @ 115 pts (Unit Type: Vehicle (Walker); Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Dreadnought CCW; Multi-Melta; Heavy Flamer)

Troops: Tactical Squad (11#, 225 pts) (Squad Maltheas)

9 Tactical Squad @ 225 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Bolt Pistol x9; Bolter x7; Meltagun; Missile Launcher; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics; Rhino)

1 Sergeant (Unit Type: Infantry; Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Bolt Pistol; Power Weapon x1; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics)

1 Rhino (Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank); Transport Capacity: 10 models; Access Points: 3; Fire Points: 1; Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Storm Bolter; Repair)

Troops: Tactical Squad (11#, 235 pts) (Squad Josiah)

9 Tactical Squad @ 235 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Bolt Pistol x9; Bolter x7; Meltagun; Lascannon; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics; Rhino)

1 Sergeant (Unit Type: Infantry; Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Bolt Pistol; Power Weapon x1; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics)

1 Rhino (Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank); Transport Capacity: 10 models; Access Points: 3; Fire Points: 1; Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Storm Bolter; Repair)

Troops: Scout Squad (5#, 115 pts) (Squad Morveng)

4 Scout Squad @ 115 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Krak Grenades; Scout Armour; Bolt Pistol x4; Bolter x4; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics; Infiltrate; Move Through Cover; Scouts)

1 Sergeant (Unit Type: Infantry; Krak Grenades; Scout Armour; Melta Bombs; Combi-Meltagun x1; Power Fist x1; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics; Infiltrate; Move Through Cover; Scouts)

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Storm (1#, 60 pts) (Landspeeder Morveng)

1 Land Speeder Storm @ 60 pts (Unit Type: Vehicle (Open-topped); Unit Type: Vehicle (Skimmer, Fast); Transport Capacity: 5 models; Cerberus Launcher; Jamming Beacon; Heavy Flamer; Deep Strike; Scouts)

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron (1#, 70 pts) (LS 01)

1 Land Speeder Squadron @ 70 pts (Unit Type: Vehicle (Skimmer, Fast); Multi-Melta x1; Heavy Flamer x1; Deep Strike)

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron (1#, 70 pts) (LS 02)

1 Land Speeder Squadron @ 70 pts (Unit Type: Vehicle (Skimmer, Fast); Multi-Melta x1; Heavy Flamer x1; Deep Strike)

Heavy Support: Predator (1#, 120 pts) (Battle Tank Nefarium)

1 Predator @ 120 pts (Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank); Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Autocannon; Lascannon (each side))

Heavy Support: Predator (1#, 120 pts) (Battle Tank Exeat)

1 Predator @ 120 pts (Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank); Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Autocannon; Lascannon (each side))

Heavy Support: Thunderfire Cannon (1#, 100 pts) (Techmarine Faitor)

1 Thunderfire Cannon @ 100 pts (Unit Type: Artillery; Thunderfire Cannon)

1 Techmarine Gunner (Unit Type: Infantry; Krak Grenades; Artificer Armour; Servo Harness; Bolt Pistol; Thunderfire Cannon; And They Shall Know No Fear; Blessing of the Omnissiah; Bolster Defenses; Combat Tactics; Independent Character)

1 Servo Harness

HQ: Space Marine Librarian (1#, 100 pts) (Codicier Raziel, The Repentant)

1 Space Marine Librarian @ 100 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Power Armour; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Tactics; Independent Character; Psyker; Null Zone; The Gate of Infinity)

1 Power Armour (Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Psychic Hood; Bolt Pistol; Force Weapon)

Total Roster Cost: 2100

Created with Army Builder® - Try it for free at



First, I want to say that the mission(s) that they ran at Jaks were odd, but fun. Instead of home built odd missions, which can sometimes yield lopsided games favoring one opponent or the other, the missions were basic, but challenging. There were six objectives and you choose six enemy units. Those six objective yielded 1 Battle Point and the enemy units yielded one Battle Point. That was it. The units and the objectives were picked/placed after deployment.

My first opponent had (from memory):

Emperor's Chamption

4xCrusader squads w/10 Marines, 10/Neophytes,

2xCrusader squads w/5 marines, lascannon (One razorback with twin lascannons)

Dreadnought w/Assault Cannonx2,

Venerable Dread w/Assualt Cannon, Missile Launcher, Tank Hunter (I love this unit)



The first game had a twelve inch deployment. I lost the initiative roll and my opponent chose to place first and go first. A unit of 5 crusaders with lascannons were placed in cover on both sides of his corners in terrain. On my first a Venerable Dreadnought was also deployed with the marines. Moving left from that position he had 3 of the crusader squads of 20, a dreadnought in the center the vindicator on the center right, and another dreadnought on the left in cover with the 5 man crusader squad. The last large crusader squad was deployed on the left between terrain and the edge of the board.

I imidiately decided that I was going to try and refuse flank my opponent. His army was largely foot, and there was no world that I wanted to be in where I had to deal with 80 screaming fanatics in hand to hand combat. I deployed Techmarine Faitor into terrain on the bottom right hand side of my table, combat squaded both marine squads Maltheas and Josiah put the heavy weapons with him. To the right of that piece of ruins I placed my terminators squad First, and a Rhino with Sergeant Maltheas and Cidicier Raziel in it. To the left of the terrain I placed both dreadnoughts Exetur and Hamiel behind terrain and a Predator Nefarium and a Rhino with squad Josiah. Predator Exeat was the only model to deploy on my left flank at all. Having fought marine armor enough, placing all my guns in one area meant that I would be fighting front armor all game, I hoped that my frontal 13 would save me and that I could open my opponent up to some side shots. I placed LS 01 into reserves, LS 02 into Deepstrike and Landspeeder Storm Morveng and the scouts into Outflank.

I nominated his 5 man las cannon squad (on the right), Venerable Dreadnought, on of the Crusader squads, the Veinicator, the Rhino and the Dreadnought in the center as my 'Kill points. I placed two objectives near my deployment, and one directly across, to the right of the 5 man squad and venerable dreadnought I wanted to kill. My strategy was easy, move forward, kill his right flank, and then move left if need be.

I didn't particularly care to seize the initiative, and didn't.

First Turn (Black Templars)

Crusade squads move forward on all flanks, as does the vindicator on the left trying to get a shot on Predator Exeat but is out of range, along with the Razorback with the twin las-cannons. The vindicator is out of range, but a lascannon does stun my predator on that flank. His venerable dreadnought does manage to immoblise Sergeant Josiah's rhino.

First Turn (Angels of Perdition)

I moved forward lightly with my terminators. Sergeant Maltheas zoomed forward 12 inches to get in front of them, heading toward his objective on the other side of the table. Brother Dreadnoughts Exetur and Hamiel come from behind cover. Grand Master Gabriel Martel calls down an orbital strike on the massed crusaders but deviation amounts to simply three kills. Terminators fire killing some more, and the thundervire uses it's tremor round to slow down the two large crusader squads that are starting to close with my firebase. Preadtor Nefarium blows the missile launcher off the venerable dreadnought. I try and fix my Rhino for Squad Josiah and fail.

Second Turn (Black Templars)

My opponent moves forward with his crusaders on my fire base, but is not in range to assault this turn, he runs them. His venerable dreadnought backs up out of LOS of most of my firebase, and his vindicator moves closer to Predator Exetur. One of his crusader squads on his left side get on one of his deployed objectives and sit on it, they don't do anything else all game. The remaining fire support (all bolters and a heavy bolter) crusader squad moves toward another of his objectives in the center. His Razorback and Dreadnought advance. The vindicator hits, but only stuns Predator Exeat again, all other fire against it is useless, it's cerimite armor holding. On my left the shooting does nothing.

Second Turn (Angels of Perdition)

I start rolling for reserves, both landspeeders and my storm come in. The storm comes in on the right flank. I zoom LS 01 in to shoot the vindicator, and LS 02 deepstrikes in the midfield to shoot at either the dreadnought or the razorback. I move the terminators up to assault the crusade squad and attached Librarian Raziel and Grand Master Martel to the squad thinking 40 powerfists is nothing to sneeze at. Landspeeder Morveng with his squad fly in and deploy directly behind his Venerable dreadnought. LS 01 misses the vindicator with it's multi-melta. LS-02 destroyes the dreadnought with his multi-melta. Sergeant Morveng manages to hit with his melta-gun but only succeeds in blowing off the assault cannon. Sergeant Maltheas drives forward and fires smoke to try and get the objective. I fire the Thunderfire cannon at the rear cruader squad of the 2 my terminators are facing down, hoping to have them run forward to execute a double assault, they take some casualties. My terminators are 2 inches away from the other squad and I decide that I would rather fire at them, so I do. During the morale phase, the squad the terminators fired at break, running 8 inches away, the other squad runs forward. I realize I've just made a massive blunder. During assault I'm so flustered by the failed terminators assault (I can't assault the squad I shot at as they ran away, and thus can't execute my double assault) that I forget to assault the venerable dreadnought with Sergeant Morveng and his scouts. I attempt to fix Sergeant Josiah's ride and fail,

Third Turn (Black Templars)

Capitalizing on my mistake my opponent moves forward with both squads on my terminators. The dreadnought turns to face the scouts and the 5 man crusader squad comes out of the terrain to shoot and assault the scouts. His crusader squad in the center gets on the objective in the center of the table. His Razorback shoots at LS-02 and obliterates it from the earth. Shooting at LS-01 only shake it, and Predator Exeat is stunned again. His crusaders fire at my terminators and manage to kill 4 with bolt positols and two meltaguns. My scouts are assaulted, but manage to win combat by 1, killing two as Sergeant Morveng lays into the opponents with his powerfist. The two crusader squads assault my terminators and the Emperor's Champion calls out Codicier Raziel, beheading the young librarian before he ran raise his sword in defense. The squad is picked up except for Grand Master Martel, who stubbornly refuses to give ground to the thirty opponents. The fight is happening directly in front of the Angels of Perdition firebase.

Third Turn (Angels of Perdition)

Both dreadnoughts move to the fight to assault the crusade squads. LS-01 zooms behind cover. Squad Josiah exit the vehicle and move toward the center objective being held by the opposing crusder squad…. On reflection we should acknowledge the courage of Sergeant Josiah at the time. Sergeant Maltheas drives forward in the rhino and claims the objective directly across from my deployment. My shooting destroys the Razorback in the center, and destroys the vindicator cannon, and shakes the vehicle. The thunderfire cannon kills some of his crusader squad in the center, which forces them to run off the objective. The dreadnoughts assault the crusaders and win combat, killing several more, and the Emperor's Champion calls out Chapter Master Martel, but both pass their invulnerable saves. Veteran Sergeant Morveng lays into the crusaders, wiping out the rest of the squad, leaving him in hand to hand with just the venerable dreadnought. He loses two more squad members. I try and fix Josiah's Immobilization….. and Succeed!

Fourth Turn (Black Templars)

His dreadnought on the left side exits terrain and starts making it's way toward the predator/LS-01. His Crusader squad in the center moves back and occupies the objective again. His fire finally destroys Predator Exeat, shattering it's parts to the world. He shoots at Squad Josiah with his firesupport squad Crusader squad and kills 2 of them, and they pass their morale check. In hand to hand, the dreadnoughts kill two more of the marines and Gabriel Martel dies as the weight of the black templars drives pass his forcefield. Sergeant Morveng succeeds in hurting the venerable dreadnought, but it withstands his attacks.

Fourth Turn (Angels of Perdition)

I move Squad Josiah back and reboard their Rhino, and zoom forward 12 towards the center objective. LS-01 drives forward for another shot on the vindicator. In hand to Hand dreadnought Hamiel is obliterated by a powerfist from one of the Crusader squads. Squad Morveng Storm flies forward toward the center objective. Fire does nothing significant, except kill more of the crusaders on the objective in the center, a drop in the bucket when you have twenty of them. Morveng finally get's a grab on the venerable dreadnought power cable, obliterating it in a shower of fragments. Only he and one raw recruit have lived through the onslaught.

Fifth Turn (Black Templars)

The Black Templar vindicator moves to block Squad Josiah from the objective, parking directly in front of it. Shooting from the Black Templars has no effect this turn except to stun LS-01. Hand to Hand against Brother Dreadnought Exetur destroys his powerfist from a krak grenade marine.

Fifth Turn (Angels of Perdition)

Sergeant Josiah drives next to the predator, as does LS-01. Landspeeder Storm Morveng flames the Crusader squad on the objective, killing several, shooting immobilizes the vindiactor, but cannot seem to kill it this turn. Hand to hand against Brother Exetur does nothing.

Game Ends on the a roll of a 2.

My opponent scored 5 total points for holding two of his objectives on his side of the board and killing three of his 'kill point' units. I killed 4 kill point units and held two objectives.

In the end the largest misake is the terrible decision to shoot the Crusaders instead of simply assaulting with my terminators. Had I assaulted I feel the combat would have been decisively the different direction, enabling to at least hold 1 more objective on my side, and killing another one of my target units for kill points. I got greedy is what happened. Sometimes assaults are so important, that failure to do them can cost you the game, and while that was something I new, it was something worth re-learning. It ended in a effective tie, and a hard fought one at that. My hat is off to my opponent for running a fun, well made black templar army and giving me a great game!

If you enjoyed this (or hated it) leave a comment with thoughts on how I can improve my battle reports. I hope to have some video ones soon.

Tomorrow, Mech-Blood Angels

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Storm Part 1

I finished putting the base coats on the storm and also the scouts in the storm on Wednesday. I generally base coat over black with Tallaran Flesh (which I am nearly out of), and also the adeptus battlegrey mix that I use (50% with black)

Anyway, I thought it applicable to talk about the Landspeeder Storm today, since I run it every time that I play my marines even semi-competitively. I love it, in fact, I would say it is my favorite part of the new codex.

When I was in California and rumaging through the Space Marine codex I took a good look at all of the new things that were added, and was really impressed with the storm. At the time all my friends were down on the scouts because of their WS/BS 3 and their cost, the common conception was that they should be cheaper, which may be true actually, but is immaterial to the conversation at hand.

The Storm has two things going for it, open topped and Scout. Those two things make it godlike as a transport. First, let's talk about what NOT to do with the storm.

But they are blisteringly fast.

I buy five scouts with a sergeant with a power fist/combi-melta/meltabombs on him. If I go first, I gamble no one will seize and I scout forward (24 inches) to within 12 inches of whatever I want, and then disembark, move, shoot and assault. Someone have a landraider on the table with Vulkan and thunderhammers? A melta gun at 6 and then another meltabomb hit have a good chance of at least stopping it. Someone have a squad of broadsides or hammerheads? It hasn't moved yet so you get meltabombs and 4 krak grenades on the back (with no decoy launchers)? vehicle squadron? Ohhh Boy, the hits are distributed around! Even Chimera's too close together, you get to blow up multiple of them often.

It's a suicide squad of 165 points or so. And it can CHANGE the game. Last time I was at tournament I scouted up and immobilized a landraider someone had positioned on it's side. Ragnar and all his friends had to try and footslog for the rest of the game.

If you are going second, unless you can scout it to some place where you know that it will be completely outside of LOS, do not start it on the table, outflank it. You have a 21 inch charge off the sides when you out flank after all (12 inches+3 for disembark+6 for assault). Now, I realize that scouts are not making anyone freak in hand to hand, they aren't thunder hammer/storm shield terminators. But the benefit is that they get to choose who they attack. Outflanking 21 inch charges let you pick the battle. They often hunt heavy support options to me, Devestator squads, any vehicles, Lootas, tau crisis suits, eldar of any kind.

Now, there are two armies I have fought that I find they actually operate very poorly against. The first are tyranids. In general the tyranids present quite a little problem for my scouts, as most people can beat them in HTH. But, they are a fast skimmer transport holding a scoring choice. Even in these games they can be tactically amazing, zipping around to control or contest something later in the game. In addition, with the Cerebus launchers, if they even kill one more then the enemy, then you can force a -3 morale check. Unless you are marines, that means you probably will break off the table.

Now, let's talk about armament. It comes with a heavy bolter, and if you don't have any other points, that is fine, but that isn't very good. I have seen people put multi-melta's on their vehicles, but all in all, I simply think that a 4+ to hit with the scouts isn't worth it. We both know it will never hit anything. If you have vulcan, ignore that and take the multi-melta.

I take the heavy flamer, and here is why. Often I will want to assault a vehicle, and people that have played against scouts will screen things they don't want me to get to. Kroot do this for tau, guardsmen or blob squads, things like this. I don't trust scouts to shoot... but I trust them to flame. It completely ellimates the ballistic skill downgrade.

I have seen people take five basic scouts and throw them in the storm. Don't, unless you plan on using it for just scoring options, or to throw krak grenades on something. The sergeant has a BS of 4, so the entire mechanism is almost a delivery system for him and his friends. It's worth the updgrades you put on him in my opinion.

I have a tournament on Sunday, and I will report back at that time about the results from the storm as a explanation of tactics then.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tutorial - Fixing Fogging For Fools 4

First, let's take a look at one of my normal Rhinos (i.e. not fogged up). I apologize for the poor photos on this, I plan on setting up something to take better photography once I get into my home.

Now then, this next photo is of one of my Predators that I 'fogged'. I make that sound like I did it on purpose, did I not. At this stage I have done nothing to it. The photo below that is a blown up image of the same vehicle from the front.

As you can see from the photos, everything has been effected. The mist has ruined the metal sections, fogged the beige and also the dark grey on the model. I think everyone can assume I was heartbroken. Damn Mississippi summers with it's constant rain. I think I live in the tropics sometimes.

Now, this next photo is after a coat of Tester's Dullcoat. When I used the effect, I remember thinking that it helped, but honestly, it simply was not enough. I still think it knocked down the effect slightly, so that is not a bad strategy to use on models where the fogging has been slight.

Here you go:

Last night I was finally able to take a hard look at the model and realized it was just not acceptable. The last method I used was probably the most effective. It's called make a watered down base color and fix the stupid problem.

I mixed my base dark with water down quite a bit until it was the consistency of a wash an colored it onto the large areas of the models, leaving the edges unfixed. The fogging actually just highlighted the model some. A lighter washing could be used to knock these back if necessary.

The other problem I noticed was that the metal bits on the model were not only NOT shiny (which happens anytime you use a dullcoat/nongloss sealant) but that they had turned from a grey to a white. So I went back over all of the metal bits with some base color to make it pop a bit more. Lastly the areas of the models I had weathered had discolored. The dirt and grime now looked poor, so I added another layer of weathering (I'll talk through how I do weathering in another article, not a problem for today).

This was the final effect. Not quite perfect to be honest, but much better then repainting the entire model. Luckily for me I wanted this army to be heavily weathered so the rough look worked well with the model itself.

Tomorrow I will put up photo's of my next project.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tutorial - Fixing Fogging for Fools 3

The things NOT to do.

Yesterday I covered not going over again with the Games Workshop Purity seal, this is not a helpful hint.

I also tried to coat it with a paint on varnish from GW, the 'ardcoat. No effect at all.

So I went to the local craft store and bought the following two products.

Testors Dullcoat


Testors Gloss Coat

Now, thankfully the cardboard that I sprayed my models on had also 'fogged' so I tested the effects on these, which I advise you to do as well. If not you just end up with a caked models as you move through the test process. Even if you decide to go forward with one of the methods that I have advised, then still test it on something else!

So I tested the two, and found that both worked, to different degrees. I thought from my view that the Dullcoat worked better. Now, when I say "worked" I don't mean that the fog magically went away, I mean that it seemed to knock it back down, bringing out the original color on the models. Let's say there was 50% less fog. Instead of a white fog all over the plate it dialed it back and there was simply a light amount on it now. All in all, I consider this a success.

The next thing to test was the effects of light washes on the models. Was there a way to use a light wash to knock the color back to it's original type? That next on Fixing Fogging for Fools 4 and the last update on this issue.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tutorial - Fixing Fogging For Fools 2

So after reading through the internet, here are the sudgestions that I found for fixing the fogging.

First, to respray the original clear coat onto the model, in a non humid environment.

Next, was everyone just saying "Buy [insert Random Company Sealer] and you won't have this problem." Sadly, if you are at the stage where you have this problem already, this... of course... is less then helpful.

Next, was to purchase Testor's Dullcoat, that it would fix the problem.

Also a sudgestion was to hit it with a Glass Varnish, then go back over later with the Testor's Dullcoat. The thought process here is that the fogging is actually a iregularity in the the model, with the dullcoat actually causing this to break the shine, and that the varnish gives it the smooth vinish back, thus fixing the problem. I wasn't so sure about that.

Lastly was to go over the areas with a watered down base coat to try and get the color back. I considered this the last repost, and something I would do only if necessary.

So, the first think I did after I realized the prolem was to attempt to cover the model with another coat of Games Workshop Purity Seal. While this did not add to the problem, it did not help either. I found that at first the results seemed to have worked, but when I came back later, the fogging was just as bad.

The first option was Fail. I will discuss the rest tomorrow.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tutorial - Fixing Fogging For Fools 1

I live in the deep south. This week I felt like I was going from a sub-tropical environment to a tropical, it has rained (this means it fucking stormed to people on the west coast) every day for around an hour.

Yesterday I returned and finally put the finishing touches including weathering and final stuff i needed on two Predators and a Rhino. I then pulled out my trusty Games Workshop Purity Seal to make sure that they didn't get damaged, walked out side (because the wife will not let me spray inside) and hit them with it.

If you have done this before, you should realize what is coming next.

I walked back inside to find that various parts of my models (especially the black) portions were covered with a thin "fog" that clouded the paint on them. About a month of work down the tube.

Now, I am not giving up, and desperately won't to fix it, so for anyone else having this problem, I will be going through all of the steps that I try to fix my models. I have cruised a ton of forums on how this may or may not be done, and I feel like I'm swimming through a world of half truths and myths. I will find a way, or not.

At least you as the reader, if (when) you have this problem happen to you will know how to combat it.

However, first, let's talk about how NOT to do this.

First, don't use Armory Primer or Spray. I did for awhile, and in my opinion, they all suck. They can do worse then fog, they can actually give your models this horribal rough coat that ruins the model itself (unless you strip it).

I have been using Games Workshop Purity Seal and this is the first problem I have had with them. I would like to shake my finger at them and claim that it was all their fault, but I don't think it is.

(1) Do NOT put a varnish on when it was humid, no matter how excited you are.

(2) Shake the can. Shake it some more. Do a dance with it. Shake the can for two (2) minutes

(3) Spray a test something or other to make sure it will not fog on you. Wait 10 minute to make sure.

These things will help make sure you are not in the same position that I am in.

Sadly, if you found this article on the internet... it's too late for that, isn't it!

I will post my steps to fixing this tomorrow.


I will be organizing the site some. Based on how I have been using it, and how I want to to use it, I want to organize the posts into four seperate areas.

Tactic Articles - This has to do with how to play the game. Using units, or ways to view the game. They will all start out with a Tactic: type of thread.

Tutorials - This has to do with how to for hobby related enterprises. These will be pictures of how to paint models (or at least how I paint models) and problems associated with them.

Background - This is background work on whatever army that I am working on.

Battle Reports - I am going to try and start doing some video battle reports and putting them up.... should be fun.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Angelus Secundas

At the close of M39 the Angels of Perdition finally finished their three thousand year crusade from Segmentium Pacificus to Ultramar. The records of their deeds throughout this time is collected in their own tomes the Angelicus Mortus.

It was there, at Ultramar that the Chapter Master received a request for aid from the distant part of Ultima Segemtium, in the Wing Stars region. Unable to assist due to complete engagement he gave the request to the Grand Master of the Angels of Perdition, Othniel. Mustering the entire Chapter, he set off immediately. Two years later, they arrived in the Wing Stars, where they would make their second home. The wars would see twenty years of of fighting to free the sector from it's malignant cancer, and the chapter was a shadow of it's strength.

Armored Might

No game this week, Don is out. I'm headed to Atlanta for a funeral. I have a 2100 pt tournament on the coast I am going to on the 13th of June (week and a half). I will be preping for that when I can. I would love to get some painting in, but I seem to have no time. I have a feeling that not much will get done until I'm in the new house.

On the flip side, I see a game of Spearhead in my future. I think for the campaign we are playing in, it makes a lot of sense for the fuel depo that Raziel failed to destroy has given Uglug the supplies necessary to get his motorpool started.

Captain Maltheas has a choice, he is outnumber, and outgunned. He only has a single demi-company to fight thousands or orks (there are always thousands of orks). He is trying to decide if he wants to hold his position to prevent the Orks from getting to the Mechanicus Research station, meet them in battle, or fall back and destroy the research station himself. If it wasn't for the local citizens on the planet he would simply leave and bonbard the area from planet, it is, after all, the only way to be sure. But he is an Angel of Perdition, sworn to protect the men and women of the Imperium.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oath of Perdition

Fallen are We
From the Highest Tower
To the Darkest Pit

Death Stalks Us
Vengeance Guides Us
Redemption Calls Us

Fear Us
For Only Through War
May We Find Forgiveness

-Tome of Angelicus Mortus, M36


Back... back...back the Dark Angels used to have a third formation. It only appeared in Epic, called the Ironwing. It was all of their armored might unified together. Apparently the poor dark angels can't be more creative then 'Hey, let's put like with like! Yea!"

The Lion must have been exceptionally Anal.

Anyway, I am finishing up my Ironwing at the moment, three Predators that are modular. They have all the base coats and most of the highlighting detailing is finished.

A few weeks ago I purcahsed some Mircosol and Microset and am pretty eager to try them out on my models. I'm always nevous about using decals, but often I find if I paint over them a bit, you can't really tell anyway.

Well BoLS con is coming up and I figure this is what I have left to paint.

(1) Landspeeder Storm
(4) Space Marines
(1) Thunderfire Cannon*
(5) Terminators*
(1) Landraider*

These are modular, and depends on what I get done this month. I'm actually moving away from the landraider and CC terminators and just toward the thunderfire cannon. I have a tournament that is 2100 pts in about a week and a half that I hope to use the majority painted models for.

Between waking up at 5:00 a.m. every morning to work out with the wife, and moving into the house in two weeks, I have a feeling that the next month or two is going to be a little rough.