Friday, February 26, 2010

Angels of

Well tomorrow should see my last tournament with my Tau I believe till the new codex... years from now. After tomorrow I am officially a Space Marine player. That stings a little bit. At least for the rest of the year or till something else comes around.

Rogers and I put the old Exorcist army we have back together tonight and I will hopefully be putting it on E-bay tomorrow. It's around 4000+ points or so. All painted with metal shoulders that can be used as either marines, blood angels or chaos really.

I decided on what my Motto of my marine chapter is.

"Nullum Beneficium Est Inpunitem" - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

I'm considering going to an Angels of... something name for them?

What do you guys like better?

Angels of ?? (Perdition perhaps)
Angels of Wrath
The Swordwing

I picked up a Landspeeder storm last week and put it together yesterday. I am SHOCKED at how good a model it is, really amazing to be honest.

Monday, February 22, 2010


My 40K Motivational Challenge for 40K radio here, so I can sig it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tau - Kroot Hounds

I'm also going to start a naving convention to make searching through this blog easier.

As I stated, I joined the 40K Motivational Challenge on 40K Radio Freeboota's site. For February we painted a Troop selection. I decided to finish off the kroot I had laying around, and also do the Kroot Hounds that I had recently purchased. It has been a long time since I painted my tau, but I think at this point most of the army is done (save the vespid and I think some Gue'vesa'la that I have).

Here is the Kroot Hound that I did, you can see some more in the background.
The same thing.

This is actually an older picture of one of my finished Kroot to see how the Hounds worked with the unit. The new Kroot I painted up are identical to these.

More singular Kroot Hounds.

And here are all the hounds and the ten Kroot I painted up for the Motivational Challenge.

Here ya go.

Tau - Ethereal

So in January I decided to sign up for the 40K Motivational Challenge, which means a unit a month for 12 months. Sadly I both signed up late for it, and while I was finished with them both by the 20th, my camera-fu fell far behind, so I did not have them ready to present. Here are my two ethereals however, painted. I haven't used them in 5th edition. Sad to say how poor the unit is presently. The first one is the old Aun'shi model, with the blades cut off. I am unsure why I did this, but I was never going to spend 2 points on the Honor blade anyway. I painted the skin slightly differently on these two models, using techniques by the tau master, Tael from Advanced Tau Tactica. Excellent painting guide, I even added some spots on his head.

If you never run one ethereal... why do you have 2 I hear you ask. Well, I played Tau right when they came out, and had the Aun'shi model. It was my first tournament level army (I took it to Houston GT years ago). Anyway, I sold the army after awhile because my painting skill improved... dramatically. The guy below was the ethereal that came in the Tau Box set. he may even be limited edition. Honestly, I wish I still had my original model (stripped and repainted) with the crossed symbols of office. I liked that model the best for ethereals.


Ok, I finally have my photoes and what not witht he camera and computer working again.

I am going to break these down via when I did them and seperate them by pictures as well.
Now, I am not done with this piece (or the other 3 identical pieces) but I got to this point and decided to finish my Tau for a bit, then come back to them. The pieces are each 7 floors, and a total of 27 inches tall. They need a little work soon, but I have had a huge influx of terrain at my house (more then I can store) I need to finish it off, and get it out of there and to other people's homes or to the place I play for them to use. I think that will be my new target for me to do.
This pieces was made out of moving cardboard, and the old cityfight building designs. Shows how you can make stuff fairly cheap and good easily. I will be working on a new table soon as well.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I found the bit for my Camera, expect pictures tomorrow! Yea!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Background - Part 1

Background for my Space Marine Chapter.

The Angels of Perdition Chapter is one that is clouded in myth and rememberance, but most lost to the myriad paths of time. Facts have become memory that became myth and secrets that work as the foundation of everything they know.

Imperial Records reflect that the Angels of Perdition Record is part of the Founding after the Reign of Blood in M36. Further, they reflect that the geneseed of the Angels of Perdition is unknown but thought to be Guilliman or Rogal Dorn. They reflect that the Angels Chapter is a codex chapter that has a exemplorary record of faithfullness to the Imperium. They reflect that upon creation the chapter launched into a two and a half thousand year crusade that took them from Segmentium Pacificus to Segmentium Ultima, a path that lead them to travel with Black Templars and fight beside the Fire Nova Chapter and the Space Wolves. During that crusade they obliterated Waaagh Gutsmasha by careful destruction of the fuel, ensuring that the entire fleet of ork ships exploded as they attempted to enter warp space. The cultists of Karak Four found their entire plan fruitless after fighting for a single year to take the Vaults of Vartan, only to find that the had been emtied before the war ever began. In each situation that the Angels have fought, their ferocity has only been exceeded by the absolute synergy of strategy. The Chapter has a hallmark for obfuscation, and random deployment for tactical edge that often will be leaps ahead of the enemy. On Fusil III the Angels and the Eldar of Biel-tan fought a fencing match for two years, never coming to a head, before both parties quit the planet. The results of the contest are still argued among those who watch the Angels. Over two thousand years ago their their Crusade has come to an end when they came to Ultramar, the home of the Ultramarines just as the Ultramarines were over extended on all fronts. When a request for aid came from the Wing Stars, the entire Chapter in their Battleship Nova Terra Exeat deployed, saving several sectors and finding their new homeworld, Angels Secundus. Since that time they have built the defenses and guarded against the Dark Star Nova area, while keeping both Tau and Tyranid forces at bay.

These are the things that exist in the Imperial record. But for each thing that is true, one is a lie that is covered by secrets. For such is the way of the children of the Lion...


I did manage to get the photoes done and was planning on posting them... but...

Always a but. I forgot the cord to plug into the computer this morning.

Stupid... stupid.... stupid.

I'm going to e-mail my friends and see if anyone is up for some Combat Patrol (500 pt games), Tournament Prep (1750-1850) or Planetstrike tonight.

That is all. Pictures tomorrow, damn it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kroot Hounds

Now that the house terrain is in a state where it is playable (but unfinished) I can get to work on the things I need for the escalation tournament at the end of the month.

That means about 14 Kroot Hounds and what is left of my normal kroot.

So they are all based, base coated and I dry brushed the bases and put the base coats on the models. I will be working on them on thursday some and over the next few weeks.

After the Kroot are done I plan on falling back and trying to build a foldable table for games at the house. I have the terrain, but the table isn't that great I plan on doing a good write up on here on building a games table for your home. I have build them for shops before and that is fun, but because I can do something, doesn't mean I should. I don't need molded hills and water features in a home table. I need something (1) durable (2) stable and (3) transportable.

It will be a cityfight table I can promise that.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Before I moved to San Francisco I did several tables of terrain for the Gamer's Sanctuary, a FLAGS in hattiesburg run by a friend of mine. These included a themed Necron table, quite a bit of imperial sector and lastly a set of Imperial walls for apocolpyse that spread accross the entire board (48 inches worth of it) that had some portions large enough to hide a titan.

This weekend I traveled down to my old haunts in Hattiesburg to search around for some of this stuff. Oddly enough I found a single piece of the necron terrain (a large tower) that makes me think that the other stuff was here, but has since vanished. On the flip side of the problem, the Club that I used to play at has some water problems and therefore, needs some work. No one was using the 40K stuff, and I was asked if I wanted any of it.

I took it all.

So now I have about two more table of buildings that need MORE work. They are great, but need an upgrade to be table ready, but are excellent starting pieces.

Sadly, I have to get 10 kroot houns painted by the next tournament at the end of February.

Ahhh, what wonderful problems!